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September is here!

What a fantastic start to September.

We have so much planned during this month, Watch this space and our social media for the new group fitness timetable. We have also scheduled another Meditation session, fitness testing and we have our Charity Fitness morning on 24th September. You'll shortly be able to book a place via WIX. You don't need to be a member to attend this, so you can bring a friend.

This month is all about prioritising your health and fitness goals. We want to make that as simple as possible, and help you stay consistent. Whether you are a new or long-standing member we want to help you reach your goals. We have taken a holistic approach offering classes for the mind, body and soul.

Book for fitness testing on 18th September to get a baseline or where you are currently. We will repeat this late November to give you the opportunity to progress during those weeks (taking part in the Charity Fitness morning will help this !).

On 29th September we have Inner Calm Therapies back in the studio with a meditation for panic, stress and anxiety.

Meditation can really help settle the mind, help you focus, which in turn can improve your productivity. Emma (ICT) can help answer any questions about meditation so please ask.

Remember to follow us on social media for updates, workouts and healthy recipes.

Here's to a fit and healthy September!


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