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February and March Focus

We are just starting to see the earlier sunrise making for brighter days.

The beginning of 2023 has been brilliant. The gym is buzzing with members and the atmosphere has been fantastic.

The GYM celebrated being open for 5 years this week. It has gone so fast. We have lots of members and Instructors that have been here since the beginning - is that you?

Thank you so much for your continued support. The pandemic created changes in the way people work and how they access fitness. We have continued to offer, and expanded online classes so that those who will continue to work at home can take advantage. Check our timetable and message me if you would like the ZOOM codes.

The studio timetable continues to be popular and we have supplement that with a series of events and courses. If you missed Yogalates our next one is scheduled for 2nd April and is included in your membership. Yogalates incorporates elements of Yoga and Pilates and is a truly restorative session for mind body and soul. The feedback from our last 1 hour special was brilliant, members reporting they felt great afterwards.

We are currently running beginners Latin dance on a Monday evening at 6.15. It is so much fun !! You don't need to commit to all 6 weeks as we are building dances as we go.

Technique and Form

There is always scope to improve on your form and try something new. For the benefit of GYM floor and studio participants Helen is offering Kettlebell technique training. This can be done as a 1-2-1 (£35.00) or in a small group of up to 3 people (£45.00 per session). Many people simply do not know how to handle and get the best from a kettlebell. This is a great opportunity to progress to a heavy weight and get stronger. Let me know if you’d like to book.

Food, Diet and Healthy Habits

Did you take part in the Back-to-Basics Nutrition group? This group have (and still are) habit stacking simple nutrition changes for health and wellness. Although not a weight loss course, this was a feature along side lots of non-scale wins such as improved sleep, cessation of mid section weight gain, better skin and less cravings.

Personal Training

Do you have an event this year that you need to be ready for or do you struggle with motivation in the GYM. People book personal training for a variety of reasons. If you are time poor and training is lower on your list of priorities than other things it is perfect Your trainer will take all of the thinking out of working out – you just need to turn up. Whether your goal is general fitness improvement or being wedding ready

Are you new to the gym? We offer a one off session to get you used to using the gym kit and providing you with a bespoke workout you can follow and progress with. You'll work through the kit together and then have the confidence to workout in the gym and follow a plan. This is such an efficient way of training and stops any boredom or uncertainty over what to do in the GYM.

Social Media

Do you follow us on socials? If not please do. We post lots of information, tips and updates on socials. Tell us what you want to see more of.

We also have a private Studio Facebook Group - you can see what goes on in classes. Contact me though Facebook and I will arrange for you to be added.

We have so much planned for 2023, it is going to be an exciting year.


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