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Personal Training

There is no doubt that personal training can really help you reach your goals. We offer bespoke  packages of training and one off sessions to allow you to gain confidence in the gym. These are perfect if you new to or are returning to training after a break, ilness or life event.

Our sessions cost £35.00 per hour and there is a 10% reduction for a block of 10 sessions.  One off sessions start at £45.00Email us or contact Jen on 07988374954 to book. 

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Jennifer Leach

Fitness Manager

Jen is a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor with special interests and training in Pilates and Nutrition. 

She has managed CBXGYM since March 2022 and has worked in many health clubs, Councils and ran her own business since 2017. Jen swapped Law for Fitness but uses lots of the same skills to get results from her clients.  She has a young family and understands the juggle of being time poor.  Jen has run various nutrition programs and food workshops to help people get back on track with healthy eating.  Favouring a holistic approach you'll get results.  


Are you looking to train for an event, wedding or fitness goal - do it with Jen. 

Availability - daytime. currently. More availability for one off sessions

Want to gain confidence in the gym ? Jen runs a 60minute PT session with an individualised program to follow on your own.  

Want to see her style? Join Jen in a class or contact her for a consultation. 



  • Long term adaptations to diet which are simple and effective to achieve

  • Empowering client’s to remain motivated and disciplined

  • Woking with time poor women

  • Training older clients and busy professionals

  • Menopause for Fitness and Wellness trained


Qualifications highlights

  • Older Persons

  • SpinCycle

  • Aqua Aerobics

  • Training the Female Core 

  • Barre Instructor 

  • STEP

  • Menofit Instructor 

  • Pilates - The HOG , Foam Roller. 

Contact Jen by email or call Jen on 07988374954 for more info or to book a Personal Training session.

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Bruce Robertson

Personal Trainer and Athletics Coach

I have been a personal trainer for six years now.  Previous to that my coaching focus was on football and track and field athletics.  I continue with coaching athletes with North Shields Poly Athletics Club and am also the Strength and Conditioning Coach for Newcastle University Track and Field Team.


I like to work with people of all ages and abilities.  No matter what shape you are in you have the ability to improve your health and fitness.  Whatever it is that you want to achieve we can put together a programme to work towards your goals.


That may be working towards completing your first parkrun or training for a marathon.


It may be to shed a few pounds for a family event or for a holiday abroad.


It may be just to feel good about yourself and take on the responsibility for a fitter and healthier you.


Whatever your aims, a personal trainer can help offer that support and encouragement and provide a programme for you to hit those targets.


I am available at CBX on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  If you are thinking about structuring your training and moving to that next level then please get in touch.

Want to meet Bruce? Join his Bike and Core and Bike and Tone classes. Bruce also leads our fantastic Fitness Testing sessions. 

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Helen Wood 

Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

Helen is our Kettlebell expert and enthusiast. You can book a 1-2-1 or small group session (max 3) to learn the basics or more advanced moves, such as the Turkish get up. If you have found that you have good technique but struggle to progress with increasing weight Helen can help. Helen will assist with technique and form for strength, power and injury prevention.  

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