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New To The Gym

Starting a revised exercise routine, beginning a new adventure in fitness or simply switching training locations can be a daunting task.

Many people are PERTRIFIED of the gym and not so much for the tough workouts ahead, but for just getting started and not feeling completely lost in the abyss of equipment and theories!

Here are some tips from our viewpoint to reassure you that you're not alone and making the decision to step things up in the gym can be heaps of fun at any stage.

Here's 10 tips to welcome you and help you feel comfortable:

1. Induction:

Watch our induction video to get jiggy with how things work and familiarise yourself with the gym's layout.

2. What To Pack:

Wear whatever you are comfortable in and please don't worry.. as long as you have exercise appropriate gear on, you're fine and there is absolutely no trends to follow here.

Feel free to pull out those leg warmers and mis-match socks.. we totally approve!

Check out our gym bag basics for a guide to savvy preparation.

3. Write Out Goals:

Not having clearly defined goals can often lead to short term effort, before dropping off or moving the posts with the time set to achieve them.

New Year's resolutions are a great example of how an intention can be there to 'be healthy', but without setting some structure, this can flow into letting old patterns creep in.

4: Have A Play:

There are no rules and this is your journey, so try using a bit of everything and get a feel for what it is that you enjoy.

You are far more likely to stay consistent and reach your goals when you feel good about your sessions, albeit them being tough.

5. Gym Etiquette:

Nobody feels comfortable amongst clutter and let's face it, walking into a gym that is splattered with loose weights or people dripping sweat over the equipment is scary enough in itself!

Check out the gym etiquette basics to make sure that everyone can benefit from an awesome facility that is always pristine and every personality type friendly.

6. Take It Easy:

If this is your first time using a gym, first up... well done and don't be nervous.

Take your time with building up with any exercise routine, as going all out for your first session can have you walking like a baby giraffe for a few days following, so easy does it.

Similarly, if you are a seasoned gym goer but have had a little break, just find your groove gradually for your first week before you attempt more intensity.

7. Ask For Help:

Please ask us for help, it's our absolute pleasure and what we're here for!

The CBX Team are super grounded and have been in the industry for more years than I think we can remember.. so never stress or feel overwhelmed and hit us up for some friendly support.

8. Take A Class:

A fantastic way to spend your first visit is to join a Group Exercise Class.

Here there will be others that are feeling a bit apprehensive too and many solid connections can be established in this setting.

Our Instructors are awesome ( just sayin he he ) and will make sure that you feel right at home and on track with correct technique, while having plenty of laughs during the workout.

9. Warm Up/Cool Down:

This is a very important component of any workout for many reasons.

Preparing yourself both physiologically and mentally for your sessions can prevent injury and help to boost your motivation for a terrific workout ahead.

Aim to spend 5-10 minutes at the beginning of your workout with some gentle cardio and finish by cooling down with a good stretch.

10. Don't Worry About Other People:

Often people worry about what others think and they either avoid trying new things or worse, the gym altogether for fear of looking silly.

It's a given that most people are just as wary and have the same concerns, so don't let this stop you.. you're fine.. we promise!

We all started somewhere and even the experienced gym buffs were scared to walk into this environment in the early stages of training.

Bring on the new you.. go forth and be amazing!


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