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Gym Bag Basics

Preparing your bag ahead the night before, arms you with your equipment for a powerful workout.

No last minute fumbling or panic about what to pack and gathering some essentials can have you feeling very organised, while saving you time by having some items ready to go that you can leave in your bag for each session.

Here are some ideas for gym bag staples:

Water bottle:

It goes without saying that reusable bottles are better for the environment, but they are also a cheaper alternative to buying bottled water each time and by trying your water infused with fruit, not only can each day’s operation hydration be different, there are so many health benefits attached to this convenient gym accessory.


Microfiber towels are great for how little space they take up and their quick drying fabric means there is less chance of nasty gym smells right through your bag.

Pop your towel in a wash bag afterward to keep it separate.

Some towels have a zip up pocket to store your keys/fob... winning!


Having a few items of clean garments is a good way to iron out the sock monster issue or last minute laundry nightmares.


Packing your gym shoes sounds obvious, but how many times have we forgotten to do this and had to ditch our planned workout through poor preparation!

Heart Rate Monitor/Tracking Device/iPod:

Anything from your workout tracking device to your music


Music DOES make a difference and a great way to put a bit more oomph into your sessions! Don't forget your headphones people!


Pop a homemade bar/ball or a packet of raw nuts in your bag for a post-workout snack. This saves time and eliminates the worry with “Is this bad for me?”

Ask us for help with this, we LOVE healthy food and have stacks of awesome ideas to prepare your own power nom noms!

Gym Minis:

Pack your bathroom essentials as mini’s and leave them in your bag.

  • Dry shampoo

  • Body moisturiser

  • Deodorant

  • Wipes

  • Lip balm

  • Mascara

  • BB cream

Gym Hair Hacks:

Snag-free ties or invisibobbles


Hair grips

Hair brush

Cap ( perfect for those bad hair days or hair needing to be washed )

Nifty Tip – Put a tumble dryer sheet in the bottom of your gym bag to keep it smelling fresh


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