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Wattbike Classes @ CBX Gym

What is a Wattbike?

It is THE indoor training bicycle!

The key difference between the Wattbike and every other indoor bike is that the Wattbike accurately measures power output in Watts. Within seconds we can be accurately measuring your power output, your pedalling technique and heart rate.

Understanding your Wattbike

The Wattbike features a dual braking system unlike other fly wheel spin bikes to enable it to recreate the feeling of cycling on the flat and climbing.

Air-braking system

The air-braking system is the lever on your left. This recreates the feel of cycling on the flat using different gears. The ‘gear lever’ can be moved from ‘1’ through to ‘10’, where ‘1’ represents the lowest gear and ‘10’ the highest. The lever regulates the flow of air entering the turbine. By increasing the aperture, the flow of air and therefore the resistance is increased.

Magnetic Braking System

The addition of a magnetic braked flywheel allows the rider to recreate the feel of climbing. The ‘Climb/magnetic’ control on your right, rotates clockwise through one complete turn and is marked ‘1’ through to ‘7’, where ‘1’ represents a level road and ‘7’ a very steep one.

Understanding Cadence and Wattage

Cadence is the rate at which a cyclist turns the pedals. You will typically find a cadence at which you feel comfortable with and this will change as you move through the gears.

Wattage is the output of power that a cyclist uses. Quite simply, the higher the wattage, the harder you’re working.

Pedal Analysis

The Wattbike monitor will give you a constant view of your pedal power. It shows you which leg is working the hardest and where you are losing force in each pedal stroke. This will help you to focus on an effective, efficient and balanced pedalling technique.

What to expect from CBX Gym Wattbike Classes

A 30 minute cycling experience which will include sprint, endurance and strength intervals. Attending regular sessions will increase your fitness, build power in your glutes and legs and improve your outdoor cycling performance.

When are the Classes?

Tuesdays 6.00-6.30pm

Thursdays 6.00-6.30pm

Fridays 12.15-12.45pm

Places must be booked. You can book online at

Join the gym for only £25/month. your membership includes all classes.


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