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Here at CBX Gym, we've handpicked the best trainers around. Whether you choose to take personal training sessions or attend classes, you can rest assured you are in good hands.

All our team members are warm, approachable, fun and LOVE fitness!

Jo Bond - Team Leader

Jo has been teaching in the fitness industry for 20 years. She is a qualified Personal Trainer, Gym and Class Instructor. She specialises in weight loss and nutrition and regularly runs weekly, monthly and 6-weekly training groups as well as online Detox programmes. 

Jo is available to book for personal training sessions and you'll see her teaching many of our classes. For more info on Jo or to book her for one to one sessions please see our 'Personal Training' page.

Bruce Robertson

Bruce is one of our qualified personal trainers. He has an extensive career in athletics, coaching for over 20 years. He specialises in strength and conditioning as well as triathlon training. Bruce will be teaching our running groups as well as triathlon and other sport specific circuit sessions.

Bruce is available to book for one to one sessions and you can find out more about him on our 'Personal Training' page.

Louise McDonald

Louise is one of our qualified  trainers. She is a personal trainer, wellness mentor and body sculpting specialist. She is passionate about health and fitness and is happy to give advice, support and training to anyone who needs it. You'll see Louise in the gym regularly.

For more detailed info on Louise please go to out 'Personal Training' page

Jen is one of our Class instructors as well as a Personal Trainer here at CBX Gym. Jen is qualified to teach a range of classes and runs our Saturday morning HIIT, Strength and Power class. 

You can find out more about Jen by going to our Personal Trainers Page

Sam Vernon

Sam is one of our group training instructors and relatively new to the fitness industry. He will be teaching some of our HIIT and circuit sessions. You'll be captured by Sam's personality. You'll be having so much fun you might even forget just how hard you're really working!! (until the next day!)

Find out when Sam's classes are by clicking HERE

Su Legg

With over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, Su brings knowledge, passion and motivation to the classes she teaches. Su covers many different types of classes around North Tyneside and we are very lucky to have her teaching our Strength and flexibility classes twice a week at CBX Gym which are not to be missed. 

You can find out more about Su's classes on our 'Book classes online' page

Natalie Wight Morton

Natalie is full of fun and always energetic! She needs to be as she teaches our PIYO™ and Insanity ™ Classes here at CBX Gym. Both of her classes will have dripping with sweat but smiling from ear to ear!

Natalie is also a fully trained sports massage therapist and a personal trainer. 

To book into Natalie's classes go to our Class Booking Page.

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